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Boost the results of your SolaWave Wand up to 2x!

Ultra-Hydrating Soothing Conductive
  • Organic Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid & Blue Tansy
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten Free
  • Layers well with other topicals
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Frequently asked questions

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Science & Benefits

What are the benefits of SolaWave's technologies?
What type of results will I see?


Do I have to use SolaWave’s Renew Complex Serum?
Do you have Before & After photos?
Is SolaWave waterproof?
How warm does SolaWave get during use?
How do I charge SolaWave? Can I use it while charging?
What are the SolaWave dimensions & weight?
Can I use SolaWave with my own skincare products?
Is SolaWave portable?


Do you offer free shipping?
How quickly do you ship?
Do you ship internationally?

Returns & Warranty

Does SolaWave include a warranty?
What is your return policy?

Can I use SolaWave if...

Who should not use the SolaWave Wand?
Can I use SolaWave if I'm under 18?
Can I use SolaWave if I have cancer?
Can I use SolaWave with Retinol?
Can I use SolaWave if I have a pacemaker?
Can I use the SolaWave Wand while pregnant?
Can I use SolaWave if I have facial piercings?
Can I use SolaWave if I have dental implants or braces?
Can I use microcurrent if I've had fillers?

How to use

When do I use the Wand in my routine?
When during my routine should I use the Renew Complex Serum?
What areas should I avoid?
How do I clean my SolaWave?
Am I supposed to feel anything while using SolaWave?
What's the best way to use SolaWave?
How often can I use the SolaWave Wand?

Bye Acne

How do I use the Bye Acne?
How often can I use the Bye Acne?
When should I expect to see results?
Do I need to use it for 3 minutes total or do I need to use it for 3 minutes on each spot I am trying to treat?
Should I use it before or after I wash my face?
Who should NOT use the Bye Acne?
Is it safe to use on or near my eyes and eyelids?
Can I use it to treat Rosacea?
What are proper charging practices?
Can it be used while charging?
How long will it take to fully charge?
Can I use the same charging cord as my SolaWave Wand?
How do / clean the Bye Acne?
Care and Storage
Can I take it on the go?
Can I travel by airplane with it? Do I need to pack it in my carry-on?
What if my Bye Acne doesn't turn on when I push the button?
What do I do if the Bye Acne switches off unexpectedly?
What is your warranty policy?
How does it work?


Do you offer wholesale?
Do you offer a student discount?

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